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MORE is the ideal tool for anyone who wants to have an educational experience on the awareness of conflict management.

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About The GAME

MORE is an educational tool for conflict management. It simulates a negotiation for the resolution of a multinational dispute, through an international round table: the massive migration in an imaginary country called Enotria.

Each player represents one of the parties in this conflict: president of Enotria, destination countries,  departure country, a representative of NGOs and 2 mediators who should balance different interests.

MORE stands for Mediation on Responsibilities and Exploitations.  We believe this name effectively describes the way in which the migratory situation is dealt with within the world – particularly in Europe.


MORE is not only an acronym, in this case, it represents “more” skills, knowledge and attitude that are developed through role play.

We have chosen the immigration as a topic because it is a difficult one, divisive, in which it is easy to create conflicts even due to opinions formed in a confused way and on inaccurate news.

Peace cannot be kept by force;

it can only be achieved

by understanding.

Albert Einstein

The dynamics of »more«


Teamwork mechanisms


Methods of preparation


Learning style


Stress management


Active listening




Critical thinking


Conflict resolution


Leadership skills


Problem solving


Creative solutions


Negotiation skills


Time management

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About the authors

We are Desiree and Bruno, Italian trainers and facilitators with international experience. In particular Desiree has various professional experiences abroad and Bruno has been living in Budapest for several years.

We met thanks to Erasmus + projects and, as professionals, we work on developing the skills of democratic culture and active citizenship. Specifically, the skills to deal with tensions and conflicts, increase mutual awareness within the group and the ability to work with interrelated dimensions of culture and identity.

We are committed to spreading the values ​​contained in the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development. In particular, increase the quality of education, reduce inequalities and promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development.

We have chosen to dedicate our lives and professionalism to training, through non-formal education tools and methods. We work with different types of participants: employees in companies, engineers, project managers, managers in companies with social purposes, youth workers, young adults, principals, teachers, volunteers, NGO professionals and students.

These years of European mobility have given us the opportunity to live enriching experiences from a professional and personal point of view. Specifically, the comparison with other fellow trainers, volunteers, activists, citizens made us feel part of a community that, through education, seeks to contribute to the improvement of its community.

Bruno Pizzini

is Soft skill facilitator, coach and mentor at international level for more than 15 years, he is creating learning experiences based on the needs of his group, non-formal approaches and methods. In 2017-18 he participated in the “Training of Trainers” training course and is a trainer and facilitator in the group of experts of the Hungarian National Agency.

Desiree De Scisciolo

human resources training and management master’s degree. Previously EVS coordinator and project developer in a Hungarian organization. Experienced in working with marginalized groups (Roma, disadvantaged children, people with disabilities).
She has been involved in several international mobility experiences and she contributed in organizing several in Hungary. Recipient of European funds with a project on Emotional Intelligence and self-development.



Anthony Sage

Josephine Berry

Yazef Lazar

Elizabeth Meyer

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